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In the electrical area, maintenance and calibration of: On / Off valves, access control and safety, transmitters, flow switch, temperature level, pressure indicators and temperature, battery banks of high, medium and low voltage, UPS, electric motors, electrical transformers, instrumentation systems, automation and process control systems, electrical and mechanical systems, turbomachinery, as well as training of personnel for the maintenance and operation of equipment.

In the metalworking area, we count on highly qualified and certified labor for maintenance and inspections of engines and rotary equipment, ovens, hydrocarbons storage tanks, valves, spool, heat exchangers, cooling towers, catalysts.

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Be a team of professionals specialized in the development and execution of engineering, procurement and construction projects for the oil, gas, industrial and infrastructure sectors.
We provide services with the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability, within an environment of collaboration and complementation, ensuring the continued satisfaction of our clients and other interested parties.

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Position ourselves as the leading company in the international market, in the area of engineering, procurement and construction solutions, with the highest standards of quality, reliability and safety. Sponsored and supported by specialized professionals with a state-of-the-art technological platform, in harmony with the environment and the community.